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An editorial in the People’s Daily on Wednesday accused the US of “bullyism”, while a bulletin on the state broadcaster CCTV said the US was “delusional” if it believed “technological bullying” could contain China. “This shows some American politicians are extremely narrow-minded and cannot tolerate the normal pursuit of development and progress of other countries,” the announcer said.

The harsher sentiments appear to be resonating with the public. Earlier in the week, a song written by a former Chinese official about the trade war, set to the tune of a fight song featured in an anti-Japanese wartime film, had been viewed thousands of times on WeChat.

A clip of a CCTV news segment from last week promising that China would “fight to the end” was one of the top viewed posts on the microblogging site Weibo. And last weekend, a CCTV film channel aired a series of documentaries about the Korean war, when Chinese and US forces clashed. “We are using movies to echo the current era,” the broadcaster said on its Weibo account on Saturday.

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